Student Life at Grove School

_rs_7052_280Brdr.jpgThe community of Grove School is an accepting, cohesive, nuturing group of students and staff.  Students come from many different backgrounds and experiences to create a diverse environment.  Grove is a safe place for students to explore some of the behaviors and issues that have been challenging for them in the past.  They have the opportunity to explore their identities and create a firmer sense of themselves while attending school, building relationships and having fun.

The Activities Program at Grove School is committed to the philosophy that recreation and activity are a vital part of the very unique process that happens at our school. We also believe that these activities provide personal benefits that go far beyond relaxation or a break in routine. The personal growth and enrichment that develops out of these activities are often lessons that our students take with them and use the rest of their lives.

Our goal is to provide a range of experiences that are diverse and broad enough to capture the interests and talents of all our students. It is also our goal to expose them to ideas and challenges that they may never have had the opportunity to discover. To that end, we have designed the activities program to cover the following major components: the Arts including drama and dance, music, cultural activities, competitive and noncompetitive sports, outdoor adventure, community service, strength and fitness training, travel, and educational activities.

New Student Orientation

When new students and their families enter Grove School, we provide a formal orientation day. This full day gives students and their families an opportunity to meet all of the members of the treatment team, become acquainted with the Grove program and get settled into the community. Orientation days are offered throughout the year.

On Campus Employment

Grove maintains an on-campus job program and encourages every student to maintain employment on campus.  There are many opportunities for work from helping serve meals in the kitchen to caring for the animals on our hobby farm.  Students apply for work through the job coordinator and are matched with a job based on their interest, ability and experience.  We teach responsibility by expecting students to maintain their work schedule, fill out time cards and submit them on-time each week before pay day.  The money students earn is theirs to save or spend and each student’s advisor works to teach them money management skills.  Students’ pay is also connected to their schoolwork.  In order to pick up their weekly paycheck, all of their schoolwork must be completed and submitted to their teachers.