Grove School Clubs

Activities and recreation are an essential part of adolescent development and one of the cornerstones of the Grove School program. In addition to our wide variety of daily on and off campus activities, we offer an extensive list of clubs for students. Each semester, students must join at least two clubs as part of their weekly activity programming. Club choices rotate based on the season and student interest.

Below is a sample listing of clubs that are in the cycle of rotation throughout the year.

Body Pump Club

BODYPUMP™ is the original barbell class that strengthens your entire body. The club travels to a local gym where they complete a 60-minute workout that challenges all your major muscle groups by using the best weight-room exercises. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for – and fast!

Book Club

The purpose of this club is to give students a chance to read various books and share their knowledge of books and authors with each other. Club members talk about what they are reading and different authors they enjoy. Students will share passages from books that they are reading to spark discussion. 

Bowling Club

The members of Bowling Club make a weekly trip to a local alley to socialize, refine their bowling skills and gain new techniques. The club encourages healthy completion and may be involved in some tournaments.

Chess Club

The purpose of the Chess Club is to provide a comfortable and social environment for students to learn new techniques and strategies that will improve their play.  The club engages in games and tournaments in their weekly meetings.

Comics Club

Comics are one of the most unique and complex forms of visual art growing fast in academic and popular acceptance. Comics reflect the culture with in which they are written. The club studies the three eras of American comics and how they respond to various societal issues. Opportunities for discussion and creation of comics occur at weekly meetings.

Debate Club

The purpose of the Debate Club is to provide a vehicle for students who are interested in politics, social change, and community organization to discuss relevant topics and ideas. The club meets weekly for engaging discussions on topics that are beneficial to their personal and professional development. The club aims to increase the visibility of issues throughout the campus and larger community

Garden Club

The Garden Club will focuses on the simplicity of growing your own food, techniques of preparing and maintaining soil and using the harvested vegetables for food preparation or for sale. The club maintains a small plot on campus and works together to plan, plant and harvest flowers and vegetables for the season.

Golf Club

The purpose of the Golf Club is to provide a comfortable and social environment for students to learn new techniques and strategies that will improve their play. Trips to the driving range, par 3 course and larger 18 hole courses occur as part of the club.  Golf etiquette and sportsmanship are also encouraged.

Green Club

As The Green Club, we aspire to impact our community, nation, and world, by educating, inspiring, and involving people to be more aware of their environment. Our aim is to help people become more efficient and to help bring balance to their inner and outer environments in order to help them into a greener future.

Jam Sessions Club

The purpose of the Jam Sessions Club is to provide a comfortable and social environment for students to learn new techniques and styles that will improve and expand their musical abilities. Students who play any instrument or vocalists of any ability level are welcome to join.

National Honor Society

The Grove School is proud to have its own chapter of the National Honor Society.  NHS will welcome welcome seven new members at an Induction Ceremony scheduled for Parents Day on Monday, October 12, 2015. The National Honor Society recognizes students that excel in the classroom and asks that they become leaders in their community. On that front, the club is looking forward to organizing fundraisers while also promoting and participating in frequent opportunities for local community service.

Outdoor Skills Club

The purpose of the Outdoor Skills Club is to teach students about the fundamentals of hiking and cooking in the woods. Each week students will hike and explore various areas within Connecticut while learning how to cook and prepare meals while on trail.

Painting Club

Students explore a style or method of painting that they choose (i.e. expressionism or realism). The subject matter of the painting will be left to the student. Having the freedom to choose the subject and style of painting will allow the student to explore their interests and allow artistic freedoms to reign free.

Photography Club

The photography club provides an outlet for students to integrate their creativity and imagination into art. Students use computers to digitally enhance their film while learning traditional methods of photo development. The club takes off-campus trips based on each month’s theme (i.e. buildings in New Haven, the beach, nature). Students keep a portfolio of their photographs and present their best pictures in an open gallery at the end of the semester.

Poetry Club

Writing, like life itself, is a voyage of discovery. The Poetry club explores various styles and genres of poetry from throughout history. Meetings are opportunities for students to read and discuss poetry together.  Students will write and share their own poetry throughout the course of the club and also work on putting together an anthology of work.

Prime Climb Club

Students develop the physical and mental capacity to engage in the sport of indoor rock climbing. The club travels to a climbing gym where students work on team-building skills and communication along with the practical skills of climbing. Climbing encourages students to communicate effectively and accomplish tangible challenges.

Secret Smiles Club

The Secret Smiles Club anonymously spreads joy and good will throughout the Grove community. The weekly meetings include planning of projects to enhance student life at Grove and “random acts of kindness” that will bring positive energy to the campus.

Spinning Club

Spinning classes can be a great way to get in a vigorous workout -- burning calories and keeping your muscles in shape.  Students attend spinning class each week at Shoreline Fitness with the intention of learning new and exciting ways of stay fit and healthy.

Student Council

The purpose of the Student Council is to serve the student body of Grove School, to encourage a cooperative spirit, develop constructive student leadership, and promote student well-being, address campus issues, and to organize campus events. The group is responsible for such events as the Fall Carnival, school dances, Prom, and many fundraisers throughout the year. Student Council is open to any student who is interested to join and officers are elected in the fall for the year.

Tennis Club

The purpose of the Tennis Club is to provide students with a comfortable and social environment to learn new techniques and strategies that will improve their play. The club is open to players of all ability levels.

Vintage Vogue Club

In this club, students become experts at finding new uses for old items. We visit thrift, antique, and vintage stores to find items to repurpose/refurbish. The club runs in project cycles where we shop for one week and then work on the project for 1-2 weeks depending on how long the project requires. We use a variety of materials and complete projects including, sewing, mosaics, painting, refurbishing furniture etc… 

Volunteer — Art With Kids Club

The purpose of this club is to provide students with an opportunity to volunteer with elementary aged students while taking part in arts and crafts activities. The group travels to a local elementary school to help facilitate an after-school program for children.

Waterfront Work Club

Grove School is located on 90 acres of property including several small lakes in wooded areas behind the athletic fields. Many years ago, the lakes were used for fishing, boating and swimming and the goal of the Waterfront Work Club is to renew and restore the lake areas for use by the Grove School community. The group meets weekly to plan and work on revitalizing the lake areas.