Grove School Sports and Athletics

Varsity Baseball Program

Grove School's baseball program began twelve years ago. We have had as many as twenty young men and young women on the team each year and have fielded both a Junior Varsity and a Varsity team. We play approximately 12 games per year.

The head coaches of the team are Peter Chorney and Colin Davies. We play teams from the Williams School, St. Thomas More, Christian Heritage School, Block Island, and Haddam Killingworth. All players are required to attend practices several times per week. All players who attend practices get playing time.

Over the years, Grove's baseball program has grown considerably. We have players at all levels of ability. Fun, sportsmanship, personal effort, and team play are all highlighted as the most important aspects of the team.

Varsity Basketball Program

The Grove School basketball team’s goal is to provide an opportunity for our students to continue their growth through the structure of an organized basketball program. Through participation, students feel a sense of pride and accomplishment. They learn how to compete in a team environment which requires unselfishness and communication.

The basketball team consists of coed players from different grades and skill levels. The basketball season kicks off just after our Thanksgiving break and extends into March. The team practices daily after school and competes against other schools about once a week once the season is underway. The practices focus on team work, fundamentals, self-esteem, and fun.

It is the responsibility of the coaching staff to ensure the team meets these expectations. The coaches show a great deal of commitment to the team and its players as individuals.  Practices are structured in a way to provide for both team drills and individual instruction.  This structure allows the team to be an opportunity for players of all skill levels.

Varsity Soccer Program

Grove’s varsity soccer program offers an environment in which players work on the mental, physical and technical skills of the game. Our step-by-step teaching methods meet the player at their current skill level, from beginner to veteran, and through demonstration, explanation and participation help move them forward to the next step.

Our coaches follow a “Strength-based” coaching method which emphasizes the following principals:

  1. Players flourish when taught in a positive psychological climate
  2. Players respond best to praise and encouragement
  3. Playing your best is more essential than being the best
  4. Team play is more valued than individual play

The team consists of 18-20 boys and girls with differing abilities and experience. The season starts during the first week in September and lasts two months. Practices are held Monday and Friday and games are typically scheduled on Tuesday and Thursday of each week.

When the outdoor season is concluded, the program moves indoors to the CT Sportsplex where students participate in an intramural program once per week.

Varsity Softball Program

Grove School's softball program is in its second official season.  The team currently has a roster of 18 girls with a range of softball experience. We play approximately 8 games per season.

The head coach of the team is Abigail Willick, who has been playing and coaching softball for 15 years. We play teams from all over New England. All players are required to attend practices several times per week.

Grove is proud to offer our first female sports team and we hope the success of the softball team will lead to the development of a strong female athletic program.