ACT & SAT Information

In order to prepare for college acceptance, most students take the PSAT, SAT and/or the ACT exams. The PSAT exam is administered to all students in October of their junior year and the results are available by early December. Most juniors choose to take either the SAT or ACT in the spring of their junior year and again in the fall of their senior year. For official test dates visit and

Grove prepares students for these exams in several different ways. The first is a preparation that is embedded in the curriculum. Student are exposed to test questions and strategies in their Mathematics and English courses in order to familiarize them with the types of questions they will encounter on these exams. Grove also works cooperatively with tutoring groups who come to Grove and offer workshops, courses, and one to one preparation programs.

Many Grove students are eligible for help for accommodations on these exams such as extended time, a small group setting, and access to a computer for the essay portions of the exams. A student’s academic background is reviewed and parents are notified if accommodations are recommended. Parents should also notify the Assistant Principal if they feel their child is in need of an accommodation. These accommodations are granted through the testing companies and must be applied for through their processes.