Our Activities Program

_MG_6274.jpgThe Activities Program at Grove School committed to the philosophy that recreation and activity are a vital part of the very unique process that happens at our school. We also believe that these activities provide personal benefits that go far beyond relaxation or a break in routine. The personal growth and enrichment that develops out of these activities are often lessons that our students take with them and use the rest of their lives.

Our goal is to provide a range of experiences that are diverse and broad enough to capture the interests and talents of all our students. It is also our goal to expose them to ideas and challenges that they may never have had the opportunity to discover. To that end, we have designed the therapeutic schools activities program to cover the following major components: the Arts—including drama, dance, music, and cultural activities—competitive and noncompetitive sports, outdoor adventure, community service, strength and fitness training, travel, and educational activities.

Sports and Athletics

_MG_4625.jpgAct_baseball1.jpgWe offer a complete sports program, emphasizing participation and highlighting the benefits of physical activity in the development of a healthy body. We compete with other schools at the Varsity and Junior Varsity levels in Soccer, Basketball, Softball and Baseball.  Our teams are co-ed and any student who is committed and interested is welcome to join, regardless of experience or ability.  There is also an abundance of individual sports and intramural teams such as tennis, golf, and yoga.

In addition to opportunities on campus, we provide our students with an opportunity to take part in other off-campus sporting activities such as the martial arts, snow skiing and snowboarding, bowling, sailing, swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, water-skiing, horseback riding, hiking, mountain climbing, fishing, kayaking and camping, to name a few.


Cultural Arts

Besides our Fine Arts academic curriculum within the school, we also make fine arts instruction available during activity time. Our Art Room and Art Studio are open to the campus in the afternoons and evenings for students to explore their talents in structured and non-structured ways. Some of our students are able to take arts and crafts instruction off-campus at a local art school.

The campus features a Music Studio which houses a drum set, electric piano, and amplifying equipment.  The studio is open during activity periods for groups and individuals to create and play music together.  Students are encouraged to bring their own instruments from home and can take private instruction on campus.  We currently offer private lessons in drum, guitar, piano and voice.

The Grove School program takes advantage of Connecticut, New York, and Boston resources to increase student exposure to cultural events and activities (such as Mystic Village, museums, dance and music concerts, and On and Off-Broadway shows).

The Grove School Drama Program is now in its thirteenth and has provided a very wide range of acting, dramatic, stage craft, costuming, and other related experiences for our students.  Recent productions include, “Fiddler on the Roof,” “The Music Man” and “Oklahoma.” Students are involved in all aspects of the productions which are traditionally performed on stage at local theater.


DSC00639.jpgThe Alternative Site Therapeutic Educational Experience or A.S.T.E.E.© is a concept that was introduced to Grove School by Consultant/Professor George Olshin, and had its first application in our program in the form of a schooner voyage off the New England coast.

Since that time, the concept has been integrated into a whole range of outdoor experiences including sailing and land based adventures in the Caribbean, overnight ski adventures in the Northeast, and service trips to El Salvador.

The value of the ASTEE program has become so significant that we now incorporate the concept into several trips throughout the year. The goal of these adventures is to challenge our students to work together in a novel setting that motivates them to take risks and learn new skills that cannot be learned in a traditional classroom or on campus.

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