Parental Commitment

For any teen to succeed, the teen's parents and the Grove School staff must develop a therapeutic alliance.  To build and maintain open communication, each teen's advisor is in email and/or phone communication every week with parents. We hold six Parent Workshops each year to further build bridges.  Parents also visit campus once a month for family therapy.  For families who live far from campus, we offer phone or Skype sessions.

Parents Day

Parents Day combines educational information with an opportunity for interactive fun between staff, parents, and students. Each year we invite a Keynote Speaker to share their expertise with Grove parents. Some of our recent speakers have been Dr. Anthony Wolf, bestselling author of “Get Out of My Life But First Could You Drive Me and Cheryl to the Mall: The Guide to the New Teenager” and  Bernie Seigel, M.D. bestselling author of "Love, Magic, and Mudpies: Raising Your Kids to Feel Loved, Be Kind, and Make a Difference." An Education open house follows a campus BBQ lunch. Parents and families have an opportunity to visit classrooms, view student’s troubled teen college prep work, and speak with teachers.  Performances showcasing student talent as well as academic and artistic displays that demonstrate student learning occur during the course of the afternoon.

Parent Workshops

In addition to Parent’s Day and family therapy, Grove parents are invited to six workshops throughout the year. Each parent attends at least three of these day-long workshops. These workshops are designed to keep parents up to date on programmatic issues, educate parents on different areas of their child’s treatment, present global issues that impact parents and adolescents, and provide opportunities for parents to support and learn from each other.  Parents are invited to attend brunch on campus with their children and then spend the day in large and small group sessions.

Mindfulness Resources from a recent Parent Workshop.