University of Connecticut Early College Experience


Within its Mission as a therapeutic Boarding School, the Grove program works to provide its students with an education that meets the student’s academic needs and promotes potential.  To achieve this Grove School embraces the challenge of providing learning options ranging from courses supported with special education method to competitively-paced College Board-approved Advanced Placement Courses.

Beginning with the first trimester of Academic Year 2015-2016 Grove School will enhance its competitive Academic Program through a partnership with The University of Connecticut.    Students will be able to earn UCONN College Credit prior to graduating from high school. These courses will represent the curricular areas of Physics, History, and Spanish.  Research indicates that approximately 90% of colleges will accept these credits, if students choose to attend a school other than UCONN.

Grove instructors and the curriculum have been reviewed and approved by the relevant UCONN Department Chair.  Course teachers, and the students accepted into the program, are officially members of the UCONN community and have access to the resources students have who are attending class on the UCONN campus.

Applying Grove Students must be recommended by Grove Faculty, endorsed by parents, and approved by UCONN for entrance into the program.

There are currently 10 students who are enrolled in Grove ECE courses scheduled for the 1st trimester of 2015-16.