New Buildings and New Developments in Health and Wellness


Over the past year, Grove School has been aiming to improve our “Culture of Wellness.”  We have always been committed to improving the mental health of our students, but we are making efforts to enhance our programs for physical health in areas such as nutrition, exercise, and sleep.   We have formed a Wellness Committee made up of teachers, clinicians, administrators and nurses to meet every other week and discuss improvements and ideas to enhance our wellness programming.  Take a quick look at some of the recent changes and additions to our program. 

·         Our maintenance crew is hard at work constructing a brand new 1300 square foot Health and Wellness Center featuring a reception area, office, first aid room, medication dispensary and storage area and three treatment rooms.

·         This summer, our entire community participated in Madison’s OutRUN 38 5k race by either running, volunteering or cheering on the runners as they passed our campus.  We work closely with the non-profit organization OutRUN38,, a group committed to health and wellness.

·         We have introduced SAGE Dining to our campus to enhance our meals with healthy, fresh options and we have put a considerable investment into improving the dining experience at meals by creating state-of-the-art serving “stations” featuring wholesome from scratch food, freshening up the look of our dining room and working to create opportunities for mindful eating.

·         We have our High Ropes Course fully open and operational.  Our Project Adventure class and club are using the course regularly and we are opening it to parents this Sunday for an Adventure Workshop. 

·         In addition to our arts and academic clubs this term, we are offering Triathalon Club, OutRunners Club, Baseball Club, Basketball Club, Cycling Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Walking Club, Yoga Club, Strength Training Club, Girls Boxing Club, Outdoor Skills Club and Golf Club.

·         Lauren Seltzer, our Admissions Director, has become a Holistic Health Counselor from the Integrative School of Nutrition and co-facilitates a Wellness Group with Amy King, our Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist.  Amy also meets with individual students to counsel them on nutrition, health and wellness.

·         We have made our dorms “Candy, Soda and Ramen-free” to help students have a better balance in their diet and be more thoughtful with their snack choices.