Grove School Student Presents at the Junior Science and Humanities State Symposium


On March 13th and 14th of 2016, Grove School student Brenden Jones will be presenting his personal research in the 53rd annual Junior Science and Humanities State Symposium at the University of Connecticut. Brenden, originally from Chicago, IL, is taking a class offered at Grove School called High Honors Research, Humanities, and Technology. This class focuses on a full year of independent research in the fields of science and humanities where students experience research work at a collegiate level. Brenden has been researching physical and morphological evidence on the evolution of prehistoric raptors like Velociraptor and Deinonychus to common avian species today. Brenden has made connections with paleontologists at the Yale Peabody Museum in order to further his research. His research papers Dinosaurs and Birds: Digging up the Research and Dinosaurs and Birds II: Spreading Wings and Taking Flight focus on the topic of the evolution of Dinosaurs. Brenden collected data that would help create a mapping collection of bone sections of both species, specifically focusing on the wing/arm section of both raptors and birds. Along with other hardworking students from Connecticut, Brenden will have the privilege of presenting his research at the symposium. His teacher, Mr. Santiago Reyes, The Grove School community, and his family are so proud of him and are wishing best of luck in his upcoming presentation.