Grove School Extracurricular Activities

Caribbean ASTEE

For over twenty years, Grove students and staff have been travelling to the U.S. and British Virgin Islands to explore on land and sea. Members of the Grove community travel to the Islands for ten days of sailing, snorkeling, kayaking, and hiking each year.

El Salvador ASTEE

Each year, a group of staff and students travel to El Salvador for a week-long service trip and troubled teen character education. The group lives in a volunteer house in the heart of San Salvador, venturing each day to small surrounding villages to work on projects which include enrichment programs for local children, assistance at an orphanage, and construction projects.

Fall Carnival

Student Council organizes our first community event each year to welcome new students to Grove and to kick off the school year with an evening of fun. The evening is filled with exceptional food, music, games and fun. The carnival activities include a dunk tank, photo booth, fortune telling, tie-dye-t-shirts, face painting and more.

Formal Dinners

Monthly formal dinners are part of the year at Grove and are usually based around a holiday or a specific event. Students and staff wear their best attire, the dining room is decorated and the community shares a special meal together. Some examples include a Valentine’s Day Dinner when the staff serve the students at their tables or the Diversity Dinner where different cuisines and flavors are sampled. These dinners are often connected to campus events such as speakers, concerts or performances.


Great individual attention is given to the graduates during our graduation ceremony. Each graduate picks a staff member to give an introductory speech and each student gives a speech of his or her own. Additionally, awards are presented to students for a variety of academic and personal achievements.

Junior/Senior Prom

Each spring, the Grove School Student Council sponsors a Junior/Senior Prom at the Madison Surf Club. The black tie event includes appetizers and live music on the deck overlooking the water, a formal dinner, dancing and an “after party" at a local amusement center.

Science Fair

Each year during the summer term students work on science projects that incorporate all of their lessons throughout the school year. The event provides an opportunity for students to show their creativity and ingenuity in front of the entire student body and faculty while providing troubled teen college prep.

Ski and Snowboarding Excursions

Each winter, Grove students and staff take advantage of our proximity to New England resorts by heading to the mountains for day and overnight ski trips. We frequent ski areas in Vermont, New York and Connecticut to provide opportunities for all ability levels.

Summer ASTEE

Overnight and day trips are offered throughout the summer to explore the New England area. Camping, mountain biking, rock climbing, canoeing, hiking and white water rafting trips are offered throughout the warmer months and provide a chance for students to push their limits while building relationships and learning life skills.

Summer Fun Fest

Summer Fun Fest is an annual event held for two weeks during the summer term. Each dorm competes to earn cumulative points in events such as relay races, trivia contests, debates, a chess tournament, a drawing contest, a spelling bee and a lip sync contest. During these weeks, the students also receive points for their sportsmanship, creativity, and dorm spirit. There are theme days, special spirit events and a final Field Day to end the competition. These days of healthy competition, school spirit and fun are a highlight to the summer.

Theatre Productions

Twice a year, the Grove School Drama Department produces a large musical or dramatic production. Over a quarter of the student population is involved in putting together these productions. There are opportunities for students to sing, dance, act, design the set, work on stage crew and assist with costumes and make up. Recent performaces include; “Fiddler on the Roof,”  “The Music Man,” “Oklahoma!” and “Into the Woods.”