From the President

A Letter from the President and CEO

_MG_6186.jpgGrove School is a unique, wholistic, Therapeutic Boarding School with an attentive milieu, individual psychotherapy, and personalized education planning, primarily for college bound, but also for adolescents with other more vocationally-oriented interests. Our students are guided to look at themselves and their behaviors in a caring, positive, and creative environment which encourages their growth and interests, and helps them to reach their potential.

Our students either return home to complete their academics or move on to college or other post-graduate opportunities, including entry into our Transition program that provides continuing assistance with social skills development along with part-time college, vocational, and/or work opportunities in their area of interest. The Grove program assists students in learning and achieving success at their own pace, within a structured framework. There is the freedom to make mistakes but also the responsibility and expectation to manage reasoned consequences. We have rules and moral expectations within a strong, reality-based infrastructure. All students need to develop an identifiable and realistic plan.

The arts, including drama, music, and the fine arts, along with math, science, technology, and written expression, are well represented and encouraged. Other interests and skills are also fostered, such as the experience of safe adventure and increasing physical prowess. We offer our students a carefully chosen and charted path to a stable, positive life experience through the strength of close, caring relationships with staff and other students in all areas of our program.

_MG_6213_375x250.jpgOne of the highlights of the Grove program for both children and staff is our ASTEE© component (Alternative Site Therapeutic Education Experiences). For over 20 years, we have been offering opportunities to expand the boundary of the dormitory and classroom with off-campus trips for students to experience the world and learn about each other and themselves. In 2008, we introduced the idea of taking students to El Salvador to participate in a service program in small villages around San Salvador. Since that first trip, we have taken two other groups to San Salvador and have made it a yearly part of our ASTEE©calendar. Our involvement in the program has helped reinforce a value of helping others and being a “voice for the voiceless” in daily life at Grove School. It has both reinforced and provided yet another framework and perspective for students to do their own emotional work here at Grove. ASTEE© also includes trips to the Virgin Islands, both sailing trips and land-based trips, where sailing, swimming, snorkeling, and kayaking have been the main events for 20 years.

2012 was arguably the busiest and most productive year in my 27 years at Grove School. We have been able to begin the process of renewing and growing our physical plant in earnest and we have added a number of significant programs and initiatives to our various divisions and departments.

We are happy to share our ongoing plans for both the physical plant and new programs with you and your children and, very much look forward to continuing what has been an upward trajectory for many years.

Thank you for your interest in our program. I look forward to getting to know you.


Richard L. Chorney

President and CEO